Environmental considerations are at the heart of our business offering. We are committed to partnering with our stakeholders to achieve key objectives for a sustainable future.

As communities and corporations become more concerned with the ecological impact of their activities, more clients seek to integrate sustainability into their planning, development, and ongoing project operations.

Truly sustainable buildings are seen to retain market recognition and income generation generally without material capital expenditure or upgrades.

As project managers, clients turn to us to develop a strong sustainable foundation for their projects.

We assist clients in meeting their project sustainability goals, managing risk, and seeking to improve sustainability performance and cost reduction. We work closely with our clients to realise project objectives reflective of emerging trends related to society, climate change and resources.

What we do

With a firm understanding of sustainable design, we can lead design teams to ensure the required outcomes are clearly defined, measured, and articulated. Sustainability is also integrated into our procurement practices and we actively promote ways that clients can minimise their environmental impact on-site.

While there is no single, accepted definition of sustainability within the property sector, we have found several attributes contribute to the pathway to sustainability in the built-form: 

  • Recognition through benchmarking such as NABERS or Green Star (GBCA)
  • Operational efficiency plans & monitoring
  • Implementation of integrated BMS, metering & reporting
  • Creating measurably healthy places for occupant satisfaction
  • Consuming fewer non-renewable resources
  • Applying effective waste minimisation & recycling strategies
  • Maximising access to public transport, cycle lanes, and EV stations
  • Reducing and offsetting atmospheric discharge through off-site generation
  • Minimising site & neighbourhood ecological impacts
  • Contributing to a community sense of place

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