Our team appreciates that heritage buildings form a unique part of our nation’s history and often possess an inherent charm and character that modern buildings cannot offer.

Through modern project delivery techniques and a strong understanding of conservation management, we can ensure that heritage assets are preserved and appreciated for the future through adaptive reuse.

Mitigating risks

The key to minimising risks with heritage such as unexpected repairs, unknown original construction details, and hazmat issues, is the investment in time and resources for a detailed survey of the building with a non-destructive investigation of concealed areas where required.

Our unique understanding of heritage works and managing heritage projects, allows us to identify and manage suitable specialists to undertake structural and hazmat materials investigations and analyses, inform design decisions up front and avoid any deficiencies in the design documentation, providing cost certainty, and preventing delays to the program.

Building certification

We recognise that one of the challenges of a heritage site is achieving building certification for existing materials, including fire engineering solutions.

We minimise these risks by allowing sufficient time and care are taken in preparing the initial submissions. The key to this is having a clear understanding of what the project objectives are and how these can be implemented, whilst respecting and responding to the building’s historic character.


Our services include

  • Upfront investigations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Statutory & agency approvals & permits
  • Community consultation & negotiations
  • Heritage Council consultation
  • Statement of heritage impacts
  • Adaptive reuse, alterations, & additions to heritage buildings
  • Heritage interpretation management

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