We support governments at local, regional, and national levels to shape affordable and resilient outcomes for the communities they serve.

Our expertise extends to project definition and planning, business case development, securing funding, project governance, community and stakeholder consultation, master planning, design development, tender development, and approvals to the superintendency of the construction phase, or the delivery of capital works projects.

We place an emphasis on stakeholder management and the construction of a well-formulated clear and concise brief that is endorsed by all internal and external stakeholders (internal agency, interagency, end users and the general public), and the management of all inherent risks, to protect the integrity of the agency.

Our experience

We have been involved in numerous public projects including new town centres, culture and arts, urban regeneration, public spaces, and schools and have vast experience liaising with government departments at all levels to gain buy-in and approval.

Through our vast experience working with the public sector, we thoroughly understand government processes and procedures at all levels and our internal processes complement these processes and governance.

We can provide project management services as consultants, or on a secondment basis.

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