With rental supply shortages, inflation and interest rates on the rise, and housing affordability still out of reach for many, the build-to-rent (BTR) sector is becoming an increasingly popular asset model.

Build-to-rent projects are mostly large-scale residential developments where the apartments are owned and managed by a single entity and rented out over mid to long-term periods.

Build-to-rent means that instead of building with the aim of selling to buyers, where the focus is on the individual apartments, the idea is to keep these properties leased out to long-term renters. This means the emphasis is on making the homes desirable for the renter demographic by maximising the residents’ enjoyment and liveability.

Build-to-rent developments offer tenants the security of longer leases, amazing building facilities, like gyms and yoga rooms, rooftop spaces and in some cases, rent assurances, utilities such as internet and energy and whiteware inclusions.

Our expertise in BTR

We are working with several developers and investors in the build-to-rent space. Currently, we have projects in ten locations across Melbourne and Sydney, which equates to roughly $1b in construction costs and more than 3000 apartments.

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