Balancing cost, constructability, innovation, assurance, safety, materials, methods, regulations, standards, and client requirements, while maintaining the initial vision for a project is a balancing act that requires specialist knowledge, and a broad range of skills.

Our extensive expertise in design management, complemented by a team with expertise in interior design, architecture, construction, and engineering, enables us to lead high-performing teams that deliver design outcomes exceeding time, cost, and quality expectations.

Our strong focus on collaboration between clients, design teams, sustainability raters, and construction teams serves to bring about the highest quality project outputs, both aesthetically and functionally.

We’re equipped to tackle the most challenging design problems to achieve high-quality, client-focused outcomes.

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Our services include

  • Preparing or reviewing project briefs & specifications
  • Engagement & management of designers, consultants, & advisors
  • Ensuring safety, innovation & sustainability objectives are met
  • Developing & implementing processes to manage compliance, stakeholder reviews & approvals
  • Achieving optimum lifecycle costs with analysis of capital and operational costs
  • Reporting to clients on design matters & ensuring field engineering is supported with design advice

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