Given the risks inherent in large-scale, multi-stakeholder, long-term development projects it is critical for stakeholders to have an independent, rigorous reporting & independent assessment structure, and certification regime in place.

In the role of an independent certifier, our core function is to provide assurance that the works have been delivered in a compliant manner in accordance with the project brief.

This includes certification of key milestone achievements and the determination of various variations, extension of time and delay cost matters.

We perform the role of an independent certifier under both development or facility agreements, construction contracts, and agreements for lease. Our scope of services can be tailored to suit the project framework.

Our Managing Director, and Founder of Essence, David Nicholas, heads up our Independent Certification team. David has a 25-year track record of Independent Certification roles on some of Australia’s most significant developments.

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Our services include


Including pre-commencement reports, contract reviews, and design documentation status reviews.


Including compliance inspections with approved design documentation, & site progress inspections.


Including independent assessment of payment claims on a cost-to-complete basis, extension of time claims, & delay costs.


Including monitoring of & reporting on progress & milestones of construction, programme look-ahead reports, & completion reports.


Monthly drawdown/PCG reporting, reporting of status against completion obligations, & proactive identification of emerging issues.


Practical completion, key project milestones, witnessing of designated completion tests.

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