We bridge the gap between senior debt & mezzanine finance providers and their projects. Drawing upon our property & construction expertise, we provide them with the information they need to protect their investments.

We identify any key issues that have the potential to impact timely and compliant project outcomes and outline the corrective action for the relevant project party to take.

The role of a lenders representative is often integrated with that of an ‘independent certifier’ on large, complex, multi-stakeholder projects where a single independent party is beneficial in determining and reporting on key commercial and compliance milestones throughout the transaction documentation.

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Our services include


Reviews of project documentation, authority approvals, contractor & consultant agreements, programme & alternatives analysis.

Cost Management

Value engineering, lender & finance requirements, cash flow management, budget analysis, actual vs projected expenditures, contract allowances, delay claims, & budget reconciliation.

Monitoring & Advice

Compliance monitoring, look ahead schedules, risk & issue management & sustainability advisory.

Reporting & Handover

Construction oversight & reporting, & project records handover.

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