With a deep knowledge of construction techniques, and experience working for investors, developers, and contractors, we can ensure projects are completed on schedule and on budget.

Our vast amount of experience across construction and infrastructure projects ensures practical, real-world planning advice and the preparation of robust and comprehensive programs. Our team comes from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including project management and engineering and is conversant in all commonly used forms of scheduling software.

We strive to understand the individual program needs, assist in program development and in the creation and execution of the implementation plan to achieve both the individual and overall project goals. We can assist at every stage of a project including the preparation of development, tender, construction, commissioning, and as-built programs.

Our program management services can be tailored to integrate with our other service offerings, such as project management, superintendency, or as a standalone service.

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Our services include

  • Preparing constructability reports to support feasibility studies
  • Produce development or master programs at the preliminary design stage
  • Design & construction programs to determine construction timeframes & staging
  • Produce pre-tender & tender construction programs
  • Prepare staging plans & construction method statements
  • Review contractors’ tender programs & construction methodology

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