We have extensive experience administering contracts and establishing whether contractual obligations have been performed.

We play a pivotal role in the financial outcome of a project, through our expertise in anticipating potential risks and issues on construction projects and mitigating the risk of contractual disputes between parties.

As part of our superintendent services, we confirm compliance with requirements of the contract, certify payment claims and extensions of time, as well as variations to the project.

When we undertake both the role of project manager and superintendent, we have appropriate frameworks in place to ensure that any potential conflict is removed so that it is clear which obligations we are performing as agents of the principal and which we are performing impartially as an independent party.

The role of the superintendent can vary depending on the nature of the project and the contracting parties’ requirements.

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Our services include

  • Act as the superintendent under the head contract
  • Certification a& determination of EOTs, variations & payment claims
  • Attendance & chairing of PCG meetings
  • Preparation of PCG reports
  • Administration of the head contract
  • Coordination & attendance at regular site inspections
  • Site progress reporting
  • Monitoring project progress & compliance
  • Determination on practical completion
  • Management of documentation issues

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