Essence Project Management

Wise | Nimble | Passionate

Our Story

Essence was formed in 2016 by David Nicholas and James Joy. With over 50 years’ combined experience they have led the delivery of many of Sydney’s iconic and landmark developments. In August 2018 Ioan Morgan joined as a Director and Investor.

In 2020 we commenced operations in Melbourne led by Andrew Borthwick.

We are 100% owned by our staff. Our core team have held senior executive positions within the project management industry contributing to multiple award winning projects.

We are trusted advisors and industry experts.

We provide a range of leadership, management and independent advisory services to the property and construction market in Sydney and Melbourne.

Essence are wise, nimble and passionate. We aim to challenge the boundaries of excellence to deliver what our clients expect and more. We believe that the mark of a great organisation is how it performs when challenged.

At Essence we understand every project is different. Contact us and let us tailor a solution to your needs.

Our values set us apart

  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Trust

Our personality

  • We are fun to work with
  • We light a fire within our people and the teams we lead rather than underneath them
  • We play hard and work smarter
  • We look to inspire people to deliver superior outcomes
  • We are passionate about what we do and the clients who choose to work with us

Essence is founded on 3 core principles

Our People

Recruit selectively to enhance our capabilities. Invest in cultural, social and development activities to build a strong and collaborative team culture. Support and empower our people to fulfil their potential. Encourage our people to work in a mobile and flexible way focused on results. Push boundaries and explore new ways of thinking and working.

Our sector focus

Focus on the relationships of our senior team. Position ourselves as market leaders and major players in our chosen markets.

Client intimacy and Brand

Transform our thinking to provide solutions that are valuable to our clients; become trusted advisors. Pride in what we do, who we do it for and the outcome we achieve for our clients and society.

"Leadership is the capacity
to make things happen that
would otherwise not happen."

Thomas E. Cronin